Nudy Patooty

Which Sheath to Pick for Summer?

Every professional woman should own a sheath dress in their closet but which one is the perfect one for you? Corporette rounds up the top 6 sheath dresses to look out for and we picked our favourite three that would work perfectly over the Nudy Patooty short sleeve undershirt.

1)   Macy’s works with various exclusive brands such as Calvin Klein to create basics for everyday. This includes a Calvin Klein sheath dress that offers a cap sleeve cutout neckline, creating a more unique look to the basic dress.

2)   There are sheath dresses without sleeves and then there are ones with sleeves. For those of you who like the sleeves, this Ann Taylor online exclusive is a nice navy basic with a nice belted accent.

3)   The tonal inset Italian ponte dress from Nordstrom is a great look with sleeves and a high neck. The two-tone look makes this dress a fabulous look on its own or under a blazer. 

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