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How to Stay Healthy on Business Trips

With everything that is put on your plate when going on business trip, it becomes hard to fit staying healthy into your travels. It is easy to throw away your healthy habits from home when you’re on the road. A study done at Columbia University on 13,000 people found that there is a link between those who travel for business and an increase in health risks such as obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels. You can still take care of yourself while away from home with a few tips that will keep you on the right track. 

-Pack healthy foods and snacks for traveling. Bring your own sandwiches, salads and/or portable healthy snacks as often as possible, or choose wisely in the airport.  

-Don't overeat when bored. Don’t let long hours of travel and boredom lead to snacking. You can always keep yourself busy with a book, music, and/or your laptop.

-Apply the same healthy habits at home when you’re at a business lunch or dinner. Opt for healthier options when dining out. A few changes such as dressing on the side or having your food baked will make a huge difference.  

-Limit alcohol. It can be tempting to drink when gathering at the bar after a day of meetings, but it is alright to choose a non-alcoholic beverage instead. Many drinks contain as much as a meals worth! If you do want to drink, stick to lighter options like wine or a light beer.

-Use the fitness facility in your hotel. Don’t skip out on the gym just because you’re travelling. When the gym is only an elevator ride away, there should be no excuse to fit in a workout between meetings.


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