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5 Essentials for a Relaxing Beach Day

5 Essentials for a Relaxing Beach Day

I hope you had a great holiday week!  Summer is officially in full swing and to prepare you for your upcoming days of fun in the sun, I'm sharing my beach must-haves for July.

Now for my 5 Beach Day Essentials:

Michelle's Must-Haves for July

  1. A basic black bikini is a staple in any beach wardrobe.  A great way to make it more interesting is to pick one that has a unique cut and shapeBlack is a neutral basic that you can always change up by mixing and matching the top or bottom with other pieces.

  2. With suntan lotion, sand, and summer heat, an easy-breezy cover-up is a must when dressing for the beach. The beach is a great opportunity to show off the bold colours and prints so pick a cover up with some personality!  
  1. We all know the risks of sun damage so make sure to keep yourself protected with a stylish hat and sunglassesDon’t forget to apply (and reapply!) sunscreen to your face to avoid the dreaded "racoon tan" from your sunglasses.
  1. Long days on the beach are the perfect time to get lost in one of those books that have been on your reading list all winter, so grab it (or download it on your Kindle) and toss it in your beach bag. Add these top July reads to your summer lounging list.
  1. All of these beach necessities can add up to quite the pile, so a nice big tote is a definite must-have for easily transporting everything in one trip. Choosing a tote with zipper pockets inside means you won't be searching forever for your jewellery or hair pins. 

Now that you know mine, what are your beach must-haves this July? Share what book you'll be reading this summer in the comments below- and any other secret fashion items you keep in your beach bag! 

Enjoy the sunshine,


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