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How to Dress for Your Body Type This Summer: Inverted Triangle

How to Dress for Your Body Type This Summer: Inverted Triangle

Knowing what body shape you have can make a huge difference in the way you dress and the way it will make you feel. If you don’t know what body shape you are, we put together a few guidelines for each body shape to help you figure it out. Today is all about the inverted triangle! Here are some things to consider when dressing for your shape:

-Keep tops soft and drapey as this will de-emphasize your shoulder line and skim over your frame.

-Try v-necks, asymmetric tops, empire waists, and large belts.

-Straight leg or cigarette style pants tend to look better than skinny styles because they will balance out your top half. 

-Choose skirts that have more volume to add extra shape and curve to your body.

-Use the right jewellery and handbags to create interest in your bottom half.

-Chunky bangles and rings will look great on you and it will draw the eye down.

-Try to avoid bulky bags that sit under your shoulder. Instead opt for a long strap handbag that rest at the hip.

-Bring more attention to your bottom half by wearing bright coloured and eye-catching shoes.


We hope these tips will help you out! What are your favourite things to wear for your body shape? 


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