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Michelle's Must-Haves: Hallowe'en Special!

Michelle's Must-Haves:  Hallowe'en Special!

I don't know about you, but October is one of my favourite month's of the year. The colours, the crispness in the air, and the promise of it ending in one day of pure fashion fun and imagination. 

Now of course I could write several posts about hallowe'en costumes - there are just so many possibilities!

But I think I'll start my seasonal special with a classic costume choice and some décor suggestions for getting festive.



  • A classic costume from a classic movie, the DIY Holly Golightly idea is every woman's best friend when you get that invite to a dress-up party on the 31st. The black dress and heels are conventional enough that you might already have them in your closet, but the gloves and tiara make you feel included in the Hallowe'en fun. 
  • Getting into costume isn't the only way to get into the spookiness of the season. Decorations at home are a must for setting the mood, and candles are one of the best places to start. To avoid any incidents with open flames, I'd suggest trying Pottery Barn's Spider Wax Flameless Pillars. 
  • A front porch doesn't look right at the end of October without a jack-o'-lantern smiling crookedly from it. Don't ruin your best kitchen knives trying to create an orange work of art, get the proper tools (like the Messemeister Pumpkin Carving Kit) and make your decorating life a little easier.
  • There are a lot of ways to decorate for Hallowe'en, both inside and outside the house, what with pumpkins and corn stalks, autumn arrangements and candles. One way to do both is by using Martha Stewart's DIY Friendly Ghost Shades in your windows, that way you and your neighbours can enjoy your décor genius.
  • If you decide to have some friends over to celebrate All Hallows' Eve, or to admire all your new decorations, you'll probably celebrate with some themed food and drinks. You can keep your seasonal vibe going by serving your blood red wine in an equally spooky glass, like a Pier 1 Hallowe'en Pumpkin Goblet.


No matter how you choose to celebrate (trick or treating, dressing up with friends, watching a favourite horror flick) I hope you enjoy this imaginative holiday. 

Do yourself a favour and take some time out of your busy fall schedule to find fun ways to celebrate and make your own frighteningly fashionable Hallowe'en décor creation. 


Have an Outstanding October! 

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