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Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways

The Holiday Season can mean road trips between cities and quick flights cross country for some, but don't let the hustle and stress of these quick trips get to you. We have some simple tips and tricks that will make winter weekend traveling a breeze.

You want to be prepared for whatever the weekend will bring your way, and that could include days on the couch, outdoor walks or last minute family parties. Here's a list of must-haves to pack to ensure that no matter what happens, you will be prepared.

1. Cozy Layers

As the weather gets cooler, nothing is better than sitting on the couch curled up with some comfy clothes and a good book or movie. For a weekend getaway in winter make sure you pack your sweats and a cardigan, as well as your softest top you have for added comfort. To keep your packing at a minimal, these can also double as pajamas and keep you toasty throughout the night. 

1. Madewell Sweater  2. Lululemon Rulu Pant  3. J.Crew Moccasin Boot

2. Party Dress

You never know what fancy restaurant might be nearby, or a party that you can't help but stop by at. To keep your weekend trip party wear light, just pack a nice pair of pants or a skirt that you can easily pair with a top you have (like the 3/4 sleeve Nudy). Sticking with neutral colours will help you find a top in your bag to pair it with, instead use jewelry to make a statement.

1. Rent the Runway Jackson Pant  2. BR Leather Skirt  3. Club Monaco Ruffled Pant

3. All in One Coat

Most winter weekends have some sort of outdoor activity involved, whether that means a walk through town or skating on the lake, all require a coat. As a woman, we usually have a coat for just about everything - something nice for evenings, the outdoor parka for days you are spending more than a few minutes running errands or the statement coat you choose to wear on a stylish day. However, the weekend trip won't allow you to bring all of these, so you want a coat that will go with just about everything, and allow you to go from outdoor skating to dinner in town without looking like the Michelin Man!

1. Mackage Wool Coat  2. All Saints Shearling Coat  3. Vera Moda Coat

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