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How to wear: Neutrals and Summer Colours

How to wear: Neutrals and Summer Colours

Mix things up this season and leave your LBD in the closet. Forget about the stress of finding clothes that hide embarrassing stains or need washing after every wear, we've got you covered for those problems with a Nudy Undershirt.

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Pastel Tones

Dare to go light, fear the yellowing underarms and embarrassing stains no more with Nudy Patooty undershirts. Layering the Nudy underneath helps smooth the figure with stretch in the fabric that moves with you throughout the day. Protecting your light colours from yellowing underarms and embarrassing stains, the Nudy will take care of these behind the scenes, while you focus on your priorities on hand. 

Don't be afraid to have some fun, a light colour trouser or neutral print jacket will balance out the simplicity of your other wardrobe essentials and can be styled in many ways to ensure you get plenty of wear out of your clothes.

Rethink Nude

Flesh coloured tones don't just have to be for under your clothes. Instead of layering one of your flesh coloured tops under another, wear it alone and wear like colours with it in different shades to create a nude monochromatic outfit.

This can be worn for the work week by picking a clean cut trouser or skirt and a professional heel, or get creative for the weekend with a light wash denim or athletic bottom with a bold accessory to make statement.


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