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From Workout to Work

From Workout to Work

Finding the perfect time to exercise in your non-stop days can be challenging. Some prefer after work based on convenience and the fact that you don’t have to worry about being hot and sweaty while running into the office, but for some early morning workouts just fit better in the schedule.

Go from your workout to work without anyone knowing you sweat it out at the gym with some of these simple tricks to cool yourself down and keep you feeling your best all day long.

What to Wear

Nothing is worse than taking off your sweaty gym clothes and having to put on real clothes! Cooling down after a workout can take some time, even after a shower. Start with your Nudy Patooty undershirt, this will help your body cool down as the bamboo fabric helps your body to breath and thermoregulate your temperature. It will also prevent access sweat and deodorant from staining your blouse as you continue to cool down.

Keep your layers light and easy to put on. A lightweight blouse that you can throw on over your head will have you dressed in seconds and keep your outfit breathable to prevent heating up. Trousers that you can move in, will ensure your workout energy is used throughout the day and allow you to add in a few stretches throughout the day if you start to feel sore!

Banana Republic - Tassel Loafers
Wilfred - Chelles Blouse
Nudy Patooty - Lace Cap Sleeve Undershirt
Kit and Ace - Run with It Pant

Fresh Face

The last thing you probably want to do is pile on a full face of makeup to cover up your redness, so don’t!

Spritz your face with a cooling spray - this will refresh you and help get rid of the redness.

Pick all in one face products, skip the moisturizer and go for a tinted moisturizer instead to help even skin tones. Using a multi-use stick for lips and cheeks keeps clutter out of your gym bag and means you can add a few more minutes burning calories instead of getting ready!

Skipped the shower? No worries, add some powder dry shampoo to your ‘do to keep it looking fresh and volumized in a quarter of the time.

Toting it around

Instead of lugging around a bulky gym bag during your commute into work, shop for a sleek gym tote that fits everything you need and is easily passable as a handbag!

Lululemon All Day Tote
The sleek design and open tote makes it easy to stash and go when you're running late.
Divaloo Striped Gym Bag
A lightweight, easy to carry gym bag you can pack all your essentials in. The subtle print will make it easy to spot in a sea of bags at the gym.
Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag
Made from recycled fabrics, this gym bag does more than carry your stuff! With enough pockets for just about everything will keep you organized and on time.

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