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Nudy Patooty wants to Thank You for shopping with us. Join our rewards program today and start collecting Patooty Points, earn a point with each dollar you spend on your Nudy's. Feel like sharing the love? Earn points for referring friends, sharing on Facebook and joining us on Instagram. Stay up to date on Patooty Points for special offers and discounts! 

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Redeem points for savings on your next Nudy Patooty Purchase

500 = $5 off your next Nudy Purchase

1000 = $10 off your next Nudy Purchase

1500 = $10 off your next Nudy Purchase

2000 = $25 off your next Nudy Purchase


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Points to valid on Shipping and Tax costs. Other discount codes are not valid when redeeming Patooty Points. Email with questions or concerns. *Other restrictions may apply*


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